The advantage and disadvantage of AMOLED and LCD screen

12/9/2022 5:38 PM

The biggest difference in vision between AMOLED and LCD is that AMOLED has bigger colour gamut that can display more colour and more real. Moreover, the saturation of AMOLED is higher when display blue and green. So the early AMOLED was blamed for being inaccurate and too dazzling. Different from AMOLED, there are much compensation with red colour for LCD screen and control of green colour. Although LCD has smaller colour gamut, it is more closer to the standard RGB colour gamut for video and picture editing.


Besides of colour gamut, another important index is colour accuracy. At this point, AMOLED perform very good, especially the white display, while LCD screen is always with blue or green. Of course, it is because of the LCD light source is blue.


Furthermore, due to the backlight is necessary and can not be off totally, there are other imperfections such as light leakage and low contrast ratio for TFT-LCD. And due to Self luminous AMOLED without backlight, the blue colour would be drifted when long usage, while no such problem for TFT-LCD.


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