Warranty Terms

Return Policy:

1. If parts bought from us has quality problem, you may return it to Toppxon within 30 days of FOB China shipment date marked in the bill of lading. We strongly suggest cusomters to trust the goods upon receiving of the shipment.
2. All Toppxon parts honor a 180 or 360 days warranty for goods of different standard. Counted from the bill of lading date.
3. All parts returned from customers within warranty range will be replaced with new parts. No refund or credit offered.

Return Conditions:

1. All items purchased form us always with warranty stamp on the body. Any and all items return without such stamp, will not be acceptable. Please double check up and avodi to send other vendor’s items to us.
2. All returns must be in original packaging (including film on LCD and Digitizer) along with the warranty seal. Otherwise warranty on the part will be considered void.
3. Return by a third party will void warranty.
4. Problem in the range listed in Appendix I herein after, will not be covered by the warranty.
5. Toppxon promise to handle each RMA case within 30days against receiving date. We will test it to locate the problem. And will issue a test report accompany with an offer of remedial measures. If customers don’t make any feedback for the proposal, we will close the issue as customers accept our offer.
6. Products sent to us without RMA Documentation will be returned to the customer at customer’s own cost.
7. Customers responsible for returning shipping cost for defective parts and Toppxon responsible for replacement shipping cost to customers.
8. All warranties cover defective parts only. Unwanted, unused, or damaged parts are not included in this coverage.
9. All returning items should come with RMA No. Please contact us for this number before send any goods back.


Toppxon will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale, use, or transit of any merchandise purchased from us. Our liability is limited to the commercial value of the merchandise only. Any products that are lost or damaged in transit during the return process not covered by us.

These policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Appendix I

The follows items are not acceptable

Code Descriptions
1 Not purchased from us (Without Toppxon Stamp)
2 LCD inner broken
3 Flex cable broken
4 LCD outer broken
5 CG damaged
6 Scratches damaged due to assembled onto device
7 Bezel broken or damaged by man-made
8 Outside warranty period
9 Activation Lock - iCloud and Google Activation Lock